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Erections Are Delicate Things Part 3: Exercise and Stay Hard for Life

Exercise means improved circulation (as will eating better, which I mentioned in a previous post).

Improved circulation means better blood flow.

Better blood flow means your corpus cavernosa will fill more quickly and with more blood.

Therefore, you should exercise if you want to continue to have high quality erections into your later years.

Erections Are Delicate Things Part 2: How to Stay Hard While Wearing a Condom

Condoms are literally built for fun. Sexual fun. Fun in the bedroom. They also make decent water balloons, but only if they’re not Trojans. (They tend to be too thick.)

So you have to make like Pavlov and retrain your dog’s brain. Er, I meant your dick’s brain. Which is your brain. You have to make a new association that condoms lead to fun.

Erections are delicate things Part 1: Eat Healthy and Stay Hard for Life

The healthier your cardiovascular system, the healthier your erection. 

Quick anatomy review for those who weren’t paying attention in health class (or for those for whom it’s been a while since you’ve been in a health class). Your erection is caused by a rush of blood being trapped in your corpora cavernosa. The blood has to get there somehow, and of course, it’s through your arteries, or the vascular part of the cardiovascular system (cardio being for your heart).

At least one study showed that erectile dysfunction is often an early indicator of cardiovascular disease, and if you have ED, you should ask your doctor (you do go to the doctor, don’t you?) to screen you for heart and vascular issues.

More details on custom audios

A few good reasons to get a custom audio from me:
• I have a sexy voice. I can make most things sound erotic. Perhaps not an IRS audit. Although, if I was your auditor, and I had to continue to request a deep level of information…
• I have a very vivid imagination and can add some things you might not have thought of.
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Fun facts about me

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