Fully Satisfied (Custom Audio)

Fully Satisfied (Custom Audio)

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Sure you enjoy my Literotica audios. That's probably why you’re here.

But how much more erotic would it be to hear me whisper your name? To immerse you in a world created just for you describing a scenario that mirrors your most vivid fantasy. It’s time to indulge… 

HOW THIS WORKS: You tell me your name and describe to me your desired scenario. Then, I come up with a story that will match this fantasy and lead to some … explosive pleasure. Then you can enjoy this audio over and over and over again. 

PLEASE NOTE: Paypal is the only way to pay, currently. I am STILL in the process of finding a new payment processor. (I have to pay a "high risk" fee that I am having a mental block around.) Sorry for the inconvenience.