Erections are delicate things Part 1: Eat Healthy and Stay Hard for Life

There are some dommes who want to deny their pets erections. I am not one of them. Erections are a beautiful thing and I deeply, deeply enjoy using them. Whether it’s to ruin an orgasm or to torture my pet while he’s erect, I love playing with them. I occasionally sit on them. 

If you’re a young man (say, younger than 30), you might be surprised if I tell you that erections are delicate things. You might be thinking, fuck I get hard if I even see a little cleavage. While that’s totally adorable, iIt’s just one of those things that you’re going to have to trust me on, especially as you get older. Erection frequency and quality (i.e. how hard you get) tends to decrease with age, but it doesn’t have to be that way, not at all. 

Personally, I have seen erectile dysfunction (why is it spelled with a y?) in men as young as 25. Obviously there are a variety of factors that go into getting and staying hard, but here is one really obvious one: 

The healthier your cardiovascular system, the healthier your erection. 

Quick anatomy review for those who weren’t paying attention in health class (or for those for whom it’s been a while since you’ve been in a health class). Your erection is caused by a rush of blood being trapped in your corpora cavernosa. The blood has to get there somehow, and of course, it’s through your arteries, or the vascular part of the cardiovascular system (cardio being for your heart).

At least one study showed that erectile dysfunction is often an early indicator of cardiovascular disease, and if you have ED, you should ask your doctor (you do go to the doctor, don’t you?) to screen you for heart and vascular issues.

Something that you probably already knew all along is that everything in your body is connected, from the food and drink you put into it to the thoughts you think. You might want to put down that doughnut and start thinking about more veggies (sorry to sound like your mom, unless of course, you’re into it). 

Consider cutting down on meat, and eating more veggies, fruits and whole grains. Here’s a hint: if it comes from a can, box, or a bag, it’s likely bad for you (unless of course, it’s a veggie, fruit or whole grain. Yeah, I know salad comes in a bag). 

Look down at your plate and think: is this good for my cock? Or am I limiting my blood flow with this kind of food? If the only color on your plate is brown and beige, well, you might need to reassess. 

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