Erections Are Delicate Things Part 3: Exercise and Stay Hard for Life

OK, so this title is an exaggeration. But. Hear me out.

You get hard through your cock filling with blood.

If your circulation is better, that happens more quickly and with more intensity.

A hard cock is a good thing, no?


For those in the back: If you exercise consistently, your dick will get hard when you want it to.

And sometimes when you don’t.

Just follow me here.



Therefore, you should exercise if you want to continue to have high quality erections into your later years. And remember, I’ve seen erectile dysfunction in men as young as 25, so, just think about it.

Both cardio and resistance training (generally weightlifting) have a positive effect on your testosterone levels. Weightlifting is a little better than cardio at prompting the testosterone boost. There still needs to be more research about the mechanism that promotes this, but this just makes sense, right? After all, exercise makes you feel better. And people who feel better (generally) want to have more sex. And if you’re exercising, again, back to your erection. Even if it’s not getting used (as it might not in a session with me), you’re still going to need it.

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  • So true. My libido dropped and I felt less horny after I stopped going to the gym during an overly long break during covid restrictions. I could have done more outside the gym but somehow I struggled with motivation during this past year. Getting back into it regularly now and am feeling more sexual and happier.


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