Frequently Asked Questions


What is this site?
Get Erotic Audio is a place to get custom audios that speak to your desires to be dominated, your sexuality, your kinks, all in a safe and non-judgmental way. You can also book time with me to talk all about your desires

Who the heck are you?
I am RoyalBrain of Literotica fame. I make erotic audio specifically for your listening pleasure.  Here are a few samples of my work. If that doesn’t satisfy you, click here to listen to the full library.

Are you telling me stories from your real life?
Some are, some are not. I have had a very colorful life and have a very active imagination.

Fully Satisfied — Custom Audios

How does this work? 
For custom audios, you tell me about your fantasy, whether fully fleshed out or just an outline, and we go from there. We can also discuss over email if you just have a general direction, or something you'd like to explore. Once we agree on a scenario, I deliver it in an audio format (mp3, unless you specify otherwise). Please consult the “no” list below for subjects I will not cover. 

Can I (the customer) take on a different persona in the story? 
Yes, you definitely can. When you fill out the form, just give me a few details of the kind of persona you want to take on.

I’m nervous about this…
That’s perfectly natural. I’m very gentle. Or perhaps not gentle, depending on your preference. 

How does this appear on my credit card statement?

Time with the Mistress (Phone Sex)

Can I really talk to you?
Absolutely. Just fill out the contact form and let me know what you’re thinking about and what your schedule looks like. You can also email me at hello at geteroticaudio (dot) com. 

Is this just phone sex? 
It depends. You get to talk about almost anything you'd like. You get to talk about your desires, I get to talk about mine, and we have a playful (or dominant, or both) session. 

What will we talk about?
Almost anything. Please consult the “no” list below first. And our conversations can range all over the place from the mundane to the highly sexual to the kinky. I’m a very good talker (in case you hadn’t already noticed). And also a very good listener.

Can this be an ongoing thing?
Yes. I take on a select number of pets each month (you will want to get the Four Times the Pleasure package) so you may have to wait until I have a little more time in my schedule. You also may want to have an initial conversation with me before deciding.

What can’t I request? (AKA the NO list)*
For either a custom audio or a phone session with me, you cannot request:

    • Scenarios that portray non-consensual sex (even if said non-consent is supposedly consensual)
    • Scenarios that portray people under the age of 18 having any kind of sexual activity
    • Scenarios involving incest and/or sex between related persons whether by blood or marriage, regardless of age
    • Scenarios of race play regardless of gender/race combination
    • Scenarios that involve non-human animals
    • Scenarios that involve dead bodies
    • Scenarios that involve killing, maiming, abusing or otherwise harming another living being
* This list is subject to change. It is up to my discretion whether I find a scenario suggestion objectionable or not.