More details on custom audios

Get a custom audio here.

For Fully Satisfied (i.e. getting a custom audio), you might have a few questions. 

Generally, folks who want a custom audio give me a general outline of what they're looking for, and I create an audio for them based on that outline. You can name specific fetishes (feet, pegging, humiliation, spanking, Amazon position) and I can build around that. Or, you can say we’re in a specific scenario: I’m your boss and you’re my employee, we’re neighbors, I’m your best friend’s wife, you get the idea. 

Please make a note of the things I won't talk about, aka the “no” list. It’s at the bottom of the frequently asked questions page.  

The other option is to give me a script. If you request a scripted audio, be prepared to do the bulk of the writing. You can request I add something to the script, but I want to keep it as true to your original intent as possible. 

A few good reasons to get a custom audio from me: 

  • I have a sexy voice. I can make most things sound erotic. Perhaps not an IRS audit. Although, if I was your auditor, and I had to continue to request a deep level of information…
  • I have a very vivid imagination and can add some things you might not have thought of. 
  • You can listen to it over and over again. There is no limit to how many times you can listen. 
  • It’s just between you and me. What other way is it possible for you to be walking around a public place and getting turned on by my voice? 

Get a custom audio here.

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