Ask yourself this before getting married

Congratulations! You’re getting married. I hope that you and your betrothed live happily ever after. No, seriously. 

That may seem like a weird greeting coming from someone like me, but I’m always happy for people doing one of the most hopeful things we do as humans, which is get married. 

I hope you got a prenup (seriously), I hope you have a fabulous wedding (if that's what you want) and I hope that they make you laugh, that you’re really compatible, that you’ve been through some shit together that proves your mutual dedication. 

So why are you getting married? Does your future spouse know the reason? 

I want you to seriously think about this. Why? And for my readers who are already married, ask, why did you get married? Has your answer changed? 

I talk to pets all the time who are deeply dissatisfied with their marriages, usually the sexual aspect, which is of course my specialty. But I’d argue that the sexual aspect is just a facet of the larger emotional aspect, which is the bedrock of a successful partnership. 

So before getting married, really think about why. If you don’t have a good answer, I’m not saying you shouldn’t get married, I’m just saying it might need to be a consideration before going through with it.